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Nonton Virginia Minnesota (2019) Film Streaming Movie Cinema 21 Bioskop Subtitle Indonesia

Virginia Minnesota (2019)

RGenre: Comedy, Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 97 MinView: 117 views
52 votes, average 0.5 out of 10

A story of a fragmented friendship finding new ground, director Daniel Stine’s feature film debut Virginia Minnesota begins with a young woman at a crossroads. Her direction in life a question mark, Lyle (Rachel Hendrix) heads off on an impromptu road trip, running into a former friend, Addison (Aurora Perrinau). Addison is also adrift, and the two find themselves on the road together. Separated by a childhood trauma, Addison and Lyle must face their shared history in order to move on as adults. Through the trip they learn not only the influence of their lost friendship on their current lives, but how their new bond will shape their future as young adults.

Tagline: Virginia Minnesota
Cast: , ,
Language: English

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