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Nonton The Blood Hound (2017) - AYO NONTON

The Blood Hound (2017)

Quality: Year: Duration: 95 MinView: 320 views
1 votes, average 1.0 out of 10

The film is adapted according to the true deeds of the “King of the Northwest”. China’s northwest Tianshan forest, ranger Zhu Guangsheng (Huang Hong ornaments) domesticated brave husk to prevent stealing wood poaching, for this dumping family property, maintenance difficulties. A wandering puppy (Harley ornaments) inadvertently walked into the old Zhu’s life, Lao Zhu named it “blue wave”, and began to train it to become a forest dog. Extremely popular human blue wave quickly became a good helper Lao Zhu.

Language: 普通话

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